Principal's Message

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

At Cumberland North Academy, we go outside on a regular basis, so please ensure your child is dressed for the weather.  Splash pants and rubber boots are a good option for the playground!  Students are asked to have an extra set of clothes to be kept at school for when they are needed.  

The Lost and Found is collected and displayed by the front doors of the school.  Students are encouraged to check it on a regular basis.  If clothes are labelled, they can be returned easily- but unlabelled and unclaimed clothes will be collected and brought to the Bridge Workshop at the end of each month. 

We will use our website for Calendars/ Communication Plans/ Newsletters and such.  If you require paper copies, please send a note in your child's agenda and we will send them home.Communication Plans can be found under Staff on the website.

We use our agenda's on a regular basis for home and school communication.  Please address concerns to the classroom teacher as they arise by scheduling a phone conversation or meeting. ALERTS are sent home via email, text or phone calls to help us keep in touch while saving paper.  

Parents are often called upon to Chaperone trips, coach, volunteer in the school or for Home and School events.  In order to protect our students, all volunteers are required to complete a Volunteer Package, which includes a Child Abuse Registry and a Criminal Records Check.  Packages can be obtained from the office. 

Although attendance is very important to school success, we do not encourage students to attend when they are sick.  Please visit the Caring for Kids Website at if you are unsure if you should send them. 

Please look at the Monthly Calendar, located here on our website on a regular basis. 

Our 3 Student Success Planning Goals are:

1.  Literacy Goal:  To develop skilled, critical independent readers and writers who acquire, create, connect and communicate meaning through listening, speaking, reading and writing.

2.    Mathematics Goal:Students will develop a deep understanding of mathematical concepts from which they will develop procedural fluency, strategic competence and adaptive reasoning.

3.  Well-being:  Schools will be safe, welcoming, inclusive and culturally responsive environments where each student feels a sense of belonging and engages in habits that promote well-being.   

At Cumberland North Academy, we have Respect for SOLE- Self, Others, Learning and Environment.  Each day, staff find students doing great things and sometimes, they receive a GOTCHA.  We have weekly draws for CNA GOTCHA Pencils and monthly draws for CNA Dog Tags.  We love to celebrate the positive!

Thanks for all of your support!

Kathy Wells,

Principal, Cumberland North Academy